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"Never mistake motion for action."
- Ernest Hemmingway


The importance of diet and exercise in optimizing growth hormone levels applies to those who elect growth hormone therapies as well as those who don't. Irregular insulin levels and lack of exercise are known to contribute to accelerated symptoms of aging like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. The diet and exercise recommendations for boosting hGH help to control the endogenous factors of disease and aging as well as enhancing the effectiveness of hGH therapies.

It is no coincidence that studies on the effects of exercise produce many of the same results as studies on growth hormone therapy, including increased bone density and muscle mass, reduction of cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides, decreased body fat, and increased life expectancy. Exercise and dietary control of insulin both work to increase growth hormone secretion. Imagine the accelerated influence of combining proper diet, exercise and GH therapy. Many elderly people have limited strength and stamina that affects their ability to exert themselves to the point
of making significant gains against heart disease and osteoporosis. Restoring growth hormone levels often increases
their energy, strength and stamina so they are able to do exercises that previously seemed impossible. The proper dietary measures can help to enhance growth hormone release and the effects of IGF-1 so that
better results are obtained more quickly.

We have repeatedly observed the remarkable influence that GH therapy has on increasing exercise potential.
An 83 year old patient with extremely limited mobility, arthritis, and stiffness had not been able to exercise, after one week on Symbiotropin he had the flexibility and reduced pain that allowed him to walk everyday and increase his tolerance for weight bearing exercise. The profound improvements in cardiovascular health described in the previous chapter are the most consistent contributors to improved exercise tolerance.

Many athletes who train heavily are known to maintain youthful levels of growth hormone right it their 50's, 60's, and 70's. We have had several reports of increased strength, stamina, and muscle mass with young athletes, but there is not enough data to draw any definitive conclusions or make recommendations for this application. However, test results with athletes whose initial lGF-1 were near optimal contributed to our conclusions that GH will not become over-stimulated in people who have close to optimal GH levels. Even the 8% increases in IGF-1 that have been observed with athletes on Symbiotropin can make a tremendous difference in the competitive edge of a body builder or athlete.

Growth hormone levels increase significantly when insulin levels are low, about four hours after a meal. It is at this point that the fat burning potential of GH tends to be at its daytime peak. But remember, the largest burst of GH is released during the early hours of sleep-hence, our evening eating habits are crucial to maximizing this nighttime secretion.
By avoiding food during the last four hours before bedtime we may enhance circadian growth hormone release, and fat burning potential.

Symbiotropin and GH injections are often taken just before bedtime to enhance or mimic the circadian pulse of GH.
In the case of secretagogues, the avoidance of food is important not only in suppressing insulin, but also in eliminating the competition of dietary proteins with amino acid peptides. The amino acid sequences in Symbiotropin are very targeted and delicate in their design-the introduction of other proteins and amino acids can interfere with receptors for these therapeutic peptides.

Clinically, we have found that most patients have difficulty in avoiding food four hours before bedtime. Many of us are so busy that we just don't get home in time to eat dinner before six, and other people are accustom to munching or drinking carbohydrates right up until bedtime. If snacking before bedtime is unavoidable, the morning is the next best time to use Symbiotropin therapy. Sleeping all night results in desirably low insulin levels because of the inherent fasting that takes place. In theory, using GH therapy at night after four hours of fasting is great, but as a I matter of practicality we have found that morning doses of Symbiotropin are potentiated by nighttime fasting and produce excellent results.
To maximize the morning dose, food and dietary supplements should be avoided for at least I - 2 hours after using Symbiotropin, and if possible, cardiovascular or weight resistance exercise should take place during this period of food avoidance. Many patients have reported such a profound increase in energy and endurance with Symbiotropin that they are able to do strenuous exercise without carbohydrate loading ahead of time, thus accelerating the fat burning process.

There have been several reports of carbohydrate cravings an hour or more after the ingestion of Symbiotropin this is an exciting indicator that the product is working. The effect of raising growth hormone can be likened to the effects of exercise in several ways. As GH levels rise, insulin responds by mobilizing glucose and bringing it to cells, including muscle, as an energy source. Glucose demand from the cells stimulates the breakdown of glycogen and triglycerides (body fat) as secondary and tertiary sources of energy. This is the process that results in fat burning and muscle building during exercise. As every athlete knows, the body craves carbohydrates after a work out and replacing those exhausted carbohydrates and protein is essential to rebuilding muscle tissue that has been damaged by exertion. Just as it is in the case of exercise, it is important to coordinate carbohydrate and protein restoration with growth hormone therapy.

When we say that GH therapy mimics the effects of exercise, we are not suggesting that it negates the necessity of exercise. In fact, exercise is a potent growth hormone stimulator. Many athletes choose to use natural secretagogues before a work out, no matter what time of day, in order to enhance the bump in GH that comes from exercises like
high-intensity running and weight lifting. For those of us who are not athletic, increasing growth hormone levels with injections or secretagogues often leads to the improved strength and energy that it takes to increase the intensity, and subsequent GH release, of the exercises that we're already doing. It's a two way street, growth hormone enhances exercise and exercise enhances growth hormone.

Growth Hormone Significantly Improves Body Composition:


Remember, depending on a person's initial body composition and exercise habits, losing fat and gaining muscle with GH therapy may not result in weight loss, but it will result in better measurements. When we increase muscle mass, we increase our overall metabolism thereby contributing to our ability to bum more body fat and calories. Supporting the growth of muscle tissue with diet and exercise is an integral part of optimizing GH therapy. We have found the best results clinically when patients eat fruit or other healthy carbohydrates about an hour after taking Symbiotropin.
In this way we are optimizing the interaction of growth hormone and insulin in order to maximize the increase in muscle mass. Insulin escorts carbohydrates (as glucose) and proteins into the cell to be used in fueling muscle and other tissues. The dietary guidelines of GH therapy are appropriate for all patients on GH therapy, even in the unavoidable absence of exercise.

The best carbohydrates to use as a replacement are those that will break down to glucose more slowly. You may refer to a glycemic index for specific values of certain foods, but as a rule consume complex carbohydrates combined with fiber and good fats. For instance, a breakfast that includes steel cut oats will offer more a more sustained glucose supply because they are higher in fiber than rolled oats. Adding raw ground flaxseeds supplies even more fiber along with beneficial omega-3 fatty acids which work to slow down the uptake of glucose into the bloodstream. Whole grains contain more fiber and are always a better choice than refined grains. These guidelines apply to snacks and meals throughout the day. Avoiding refined flours and simple carbohydrates helps to control insulin thereby optimizing GH secretion as well as response to many other hormones. In fact, studies of insulin controlling substances and calorie restrictive diets indicate that employing these guidelines will contribute to longevity.


Optimum GH Enhancing Routine


Certain supplements, like chromium picolinate, have been shown to have a regulatory effect on insulin thereby enhancing GH release. The following products may be used to enhance any GH protocol, but they may be especially important for diabetics or hypoglycemics, who may have a resistance to GH therapy.

Chromium Picolinate: A trace mineral that, according to researcher Dr. Gary Evans, helps insulin to fit into the cell better thereby overcoming insulin resistance and lowering circulating insulin and blood sugar. These processes are important in reducing fat storage, burning existing fat and promoting muscle growth. Research on chromium picolinate shows that it is consistently effective at doing all of the above, even in sedentary individuals. Suggested dose: 200 to 600 mcg/day.    ( Buy your Chromium Picolinate at: http://www.nutrivea.com )

Vanadium: A trace mineral that has an insulinmimicking effect. Assists in utilization of blood glucose and subsequent management of insulin. Clinical experience shows that the a vanadyl complex is better absorbed and can be used in lower doses than other, more poorly absorbed forms like vanadyl sulfate. Recommended dose: 200 500 mcg/day.

Gymnema Sylvestre: This herb is used widely in India to treat blood sugar abnormalities. It contains a molecule that is so similar to glucose that it sits on sugar receptors, which helps to inhibit the release of glucose into the bloodstream and control insulin response. It is used as an aid in weight control and an inhibitor of sugar cravings, when applied directly to the tongue it will block the ability to taste anything sweet. Suggested use: standardized extract, 500 to 1000 mg. before meals.

Proteusterone: This herbal complex has a large part of its action in the support of liver, pancreatic, and adrenal function in ways that help to manage insulin and blood sugar. Clinical experience has shown an improved response in Symbiotropin therapy for diabetics who use Proteusterone at night. As an endocrine supplement, this product is designed to enhance any individual hormone therapy, and is used by many athletes to improve muscle growth and stamina. Suggested use: 1 to 3 tablets/day.

Studies show that there are specific exercises that are particularly effective at stimulating GH release. As we share them with you, it is important to point out that any exercise will help to enhance the effects of growth hormone. The following exercises are used specifically help to increase GH release and have a rate of effectiveness that, for the most part, is proportionate to the intensity of the exercise.

   Running (Women)
   266% increase in trough levels
   75% increase in daily secretion
   Running (Men)       Moderate      0% - Moderate
   Stationary Bike (both sexes)       High    166% increase
   Stationary Bike (both sexes)       Moderate    166% increase
   Weight Training (both sexes)       85% MLC *    400% increase
   Weight Training (both sexes)       70% MLC *    300% increase
   Weight Training (both sexes)       Moderate - High    Immediate & Sustained increase
   Treadmill (both sexes)       High    Increased GH Pulse

*MLC = Maximal Lift Capacity, the maximum amount of weight able to be lifted once.

All weight-training exercises are effective promoters of GH release, but those that involve the use of high-resistance and major muscle groups tend to be the most effective. Applying maximum effort to fewer repetitions of squats, leg presses, deadlifts, overhead presses, bench presses, standing curls, and leg curls will optimize your results. In addition, go to MLC for one rep of each of these exercises no more than once a week to create an additional boost of GH. If you are not experienced with weight training, please work with your physician to determine your physical condition and work with a qualified personal trainer who can teach you proper technique.


Defects in my skin are disappearing and my skin is much smoother. I am much happier, more alert, and thinking more calmly. I am sleeping much longer (more restful). My blood pressure has come way down; I am taking 1/4 of my medication now. My insulin units have been reduced from 65 units to 10-15 units per day. I have more stamina and my legs no longer hurt when I walk.

-D.B. (Female, Age 75)



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